Best way to get to the waterfall

This is a combination of horseback riding and hiking in this beautiful scenery. These horses are trained to take you all the way up to the waterfall trough green areas of pastures, forest and high hills. The views of San Carlos valleys and the Tropical Forest that surround the waterfall are spectacular. At the end of the road will let the horses and will walk dawn trough a trail all the way to the base of the water fall, which is 65 mts. high. This fantastic area is very quiet and special to relax and enjoy a good time. Here you can always swim in its natural pool On the way back we Hill come trough a privet farm of 400 hectares, where will be able to see Toucan, oriels, a large variety of flora and fauna we will also able to see one of the larges trees in the area We will ride trough different lots of cattle and at the same time we will cross 3 different rivers.
We are a local company owned by a Costa Rican family. Our tour is the only one which goes trough a private farm, and we take care of our horses with blood samples every year. We feed them with grass and grain. We also rotate the horses, so we do not use the same horses in the afternoon and morning rides, horseback riding tours are the most common in La Fortuna, we offer the horseback riding in our private farm and la fortuna waterfall, With great views to the arenal volcano


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